Thursday, September 5, 2013

Update on the Stardust Memorial Park

Several weeks ago éirígí Dublin Northeast Representative Ciaran Heaphey was contacted by local residents about the deteriorating conditions in Stardust Memorial Park. Heaphey contacted Dublin City Council's Environmental Complaints Hotline regarding the Park on behalf of the community.

Heaphey maintained contact with them for several weeks In order to put pressure on Dublin City Council to improve conditions in the Park, local éirígí activists distributed over 2,000 newsletters urging residents to contact Dublin City Council, quoting a complaint reference number.

Recently there have been some positive developments. Due to the large number of residents contacting and complaining to Dublin City Council regarding the Park, the general dumping and litter situation has improved.

Speaking in relation to these developments, Ciaran Heaphey said: ''Due to the pressure from many of us in the local community, Dublin City Council has been forced to listen and act.This positive development demonstrates the power of community spirit in our area. We in the local community will continue to monitor developments in the park.'' 

éirígí Dublin Northeast Representative Ciaran Heaphey can be contacted regarding this or any other issues on the above contact details.

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