Thursday, September 12, 2013

Call on residents of Kilmore to be alert

éirígí are asking members of the Greater Kilmore community to be wary following a recent increase in home burglaries.
Residents in Kilmore have reported that the number of home robberies has shot up in recent months within the area and they are worried by the lacklustre response to the problem. The response to the residents’ concerns over the issue has been very weak by the Gardaí who have failed to really act on the ever worsening problem.
Speaking on the issue éirígí Dublin Northeast spokesperson Ciaran Heaphey said: “The recent increase in home burglaries in Kilmore is distressing for the residents. I would urge everybody to be on the lookout for their neighbours especially the elderly or anybody who may be vulnerable to these robberies.
He continued “A strong community spirit is the first step to defeating this problem. We need to make sure the community is standing together as one on the problem. As most people know in the area, the only people they can rely on are themselves and neighbours to help defeat the problem.”
éirígí will be hosting a public meeting on the water tax issue on Wednesday 25th September at 7.30pm in Kilmore Community Centre. We can make room at the end of the meeting for this issue, where a local resident will give people a run down on the problem.''

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