Saturday, May 17, 2014

Heaphey concerned by proposed closure of childcare centre.

éirígí candidate for Beaumont/Donaghmede Ciaran Heaphey has said he is concerned by a recent revelation that a in house child minding facility in the Darndale/Belcamp centre may need to close due to a lack of funds.
The childcare centre combines as both a crèche and an after school care service for around 260 local children living in the immediate area.
Centre manager Kelda Barnes was quoted recently that even with fundraising days, increasing fees for the parents using the centre long with pay cuts to staff that they have now run out of all viable options.Kelda Barnes said they are now requesting immediate aid from the government to continue the day to day running of the centre.
The parents availing of this service have been given the warning that unless the government step in and resolve the issue by restoring funding to the much needed community service that it will be forced to close leaving children and parents stuck in a horrible situation.
The majority of parents availing of the centre have said that the closure would leave them stuck between giving up their jobs or education in order to look after their young.
The centre has come to this drastic decision because of the nonstop cuts being applied by the 26 county Government. Over the last five years it is estimated the centre has seen it funds slashed by 300,000 with it now requiring 200,000 immediately just to keep it going until the end of this year.  
éirígí Spokesperson Ciaran Heaphey commented on the announcement saying “The closure of this centre would a massive loss for the parents and children in this community which goes without saying. The amount of local people employed in the centre along with the massive numbers of parents availing of this to hear it is closing really is worrying for me.”
Heaphey continued “The fact the staff have gone to great lengths through staff wage reductions to a massive fundraising campaign in recent years just to keep it open is a credit to them now it is time for the Labour/Fine Gael coalition to step up to the mark. Here we have a vital resource for the community now resting on the good will of lackeys in Leinster House like newly appointed minister of children Charlie Flanagan of Fine Gael to provide 200,000 which is not an encouraging sign at all. I vow to support the workers’ and residents availing of the centre any way I can in the coming days and weeks.”

Monday, May 5, 2014

Water Meter Resistance in Dublin North East.

Over recent days resistance to the installation of water meters has escalated dramatically in the Twenty-Six Counties. The wave of protests began in the Ashbrook Heights estate in Togher in Cork City early last week when residents blocked Irish Water contractors from installing water meters in their estate. Despite threats of arrest and prosecution from the Gardaí and physical assault by Irish Water contractors the residents have now remained firm in their opposition for two full weeks. All of those involved in the Ashbrook blockade are due great thanks from the people of Ireland.
Ciaran Heaphey with local residents in Kilbarrack
Day 1 – Wednesday, April 23
On Wednesday April 23rd the protests spread to Raheny in Dublin 5 when ‘Dublin Says No’ activists working with local residents blocked Irish Water from installing meters. Contractors responded to the protest with abuse and thinly veiled threats.
Day 2 – Thursday, April 24
Protest spread to Watermill Road and Station Road in Raheny following request from local resident. Works are again stopped with residents and Dublin Says No activists peacefully surrounding Irish Water vehicle, temporarily preventing it from being used in installation activity elsewhere.
Day 3 – Friday, April 25
Day begins with ongoing protest on Station Road. Motorists and pedestrians alike provide continuous support to the protest. éirígí activist from Coolock area join protest in solidarity with Raheny community. As day progressed word comes through of Irish Water attempting to install meters in Edenmore Crescent. In a tactic that has since been often repeated protesters form a ‘flying column’ and headed for Edenmore.
As Irish Water workers attempted to begin works they were met by a peaceful blockade which prevented them from continuing. As residents began to realise what was afoot they poured onto the street – to join the protest. Young and old alike together in opposition t to the unjust water tax and in defence of Ireland’s natural resources.
An RTÉ Radio 1 reporter who was in the area to cover the upcoming local elections, were unable to ignore the protests. A number of local residents and activists, including éirígí’s Ciaran Heaphey, were interviewed about the protests giving the cause much needed state-wide publicity.
At the height of the Edenmore protest up to 60 people stood shoulder to shoulder against Irish Water and the future privatisation of Ireland’s water supplies.
Day 5 – Sunday, April 27
As éirígí member, who has been made aware of Irish Water’s plans to begin Water Meter installation in Briarfield Road in Kilbarrack during the following week, begins knocking doors encouraging residents of that road to join a protest when Irish Water arrive.
Day 6 – Monday, April 28
Following the weekend break the good citizens of Edenmore are back on their streets to prevent Irish Water from carrying out any works. Protests in Donaghmede and Raheney also continue with the game of cat and mouse that is developing between protesters/communities and Irish Water contractors.
Resistance in Edenmore
Day 7 – Tuesday, April 29
Residents of Briarfiled Road step up to the mark and block Irish Water from installing any further meters at about 9am. Residents from Edenmore make their way to Kilbarrack in a show of working class solidarity. Activists from éirígí, Dublin Says No, SWP, SP, SF and the RNU all providing support to community-led demonstrations across multiple sites in the Dublin 5 areas of Raheny, Edenmore, Donaghmede and Kilbarrack. Reports of other areas across the Capital getting ready for the fight back continue to grow.
Day 8 – Wednesday, April 30
As news comes through of Irish Water contractors injuring a protester in Cork the protests continue across Dublin 5. National media coverage of the protests is increasing as the spontaneous community mobilisations become too big to ignore. Kilbarrack residents march Irish Water contractors out of their area, along with their Garda minders. Word coming in off protests and planned protest in the Royal County.
Day 9 – Thursday, May 1
Irish Water think the better of going into Kilbarrack again. Edenmore and Kilbarrack residents working more closely together, exchanging phone numbers and social media contacts. The mood is close to electric. People power in action. News comes through that residents in Clarehall have come out, apparently without any prior organisation or outside assistance, to block Irish Water.
Day 10 – Friday May 2
Irish Water appear to have withdrawn from Kilbarrack, Edenmore and Donaghmede. Works in the Woodbine Estate in Raheny are stopped following protests.
The diary above shows what people power can achieve. While political activists played a role in Cork and in Dublin they could not, and did not, stop Irish Water without the active support of significant numbers of people from within the affected communities. Despite the widespread apathy and despair it is clear that the people of Ireland are not yet broken – that communities are still willing and able to fight against injustice.
Communities in Cork and in Dublin North East have shown the way with their active blockades of Irish Water’s efforts to install meters in their areas. Over the coming days and weeks it must be hoped that other communities will follow their lead.
For our part we in éirígí stand full-square behind any community that is willing to resist any aspect of the austerity policies of the Leinster House and Stormont regimes. We believe that people power can triumph through the intelligent and strategic use of the available means including protests, industrial action, direct action, civil disobedience, elections and boycott.
If you are interested in opposing Water Meter installations in your area feel free to contact us at and we’ll help you in whatever way we can.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ciaran Heaphey éírígí Election Launch. 28/04/14, Kilmore.

Some photo's from last night's successful election launch for éirígí candidate Ciaran Heaphey held in the Kilmore West community centre. 

The launch which was attended by up to 35 supporters living in the Beaumont/Donaghmede area. The proceeding's began with éirígí chairperson Brian Leeson who explained how éirígí were formed in 2006 and the reasons behind the formation before introducing local election candidate Ciaran Heaphey to the crowd.

Heaphey explained the purpose behind contesting the local elections also outlining the reason's why no party can change the system and the need for community's around the state to get mobilized stating a recent example in Edenmore.

Local resident's of Edenmore Heaphey said were opposed to the water tax and rather then standing by went out and halted work to install the meters to household's in the area stating this is exactly what needs to happen in every community in the fightback against austerity. 

The hugely successful meeting was ended with a short Q and A between the speaker's and attendee's.

Commenting after the meeting Heaphey said "With so little time to go before polling day I think tonight's meeting was a very important chance to speak to supporters and put across our motives for running the local elections this year."

Heaphey continued "It was great to see so many new faces in the crowd who have clearly became disillusioned with the lackey parties of yesterday who's only concern is getting a seat in the upcoming election. A lot resident's have told me their anger with the mainstream political parties for the way they think they can parade in to area's around elections in a bid to win seats."

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Resist the Water Tax.

Local Edenmore Residents, éirígí's Ciaran Heaphey, Bernie Hughes (UL Finglas) & Dublin Says No activists were involved in blocking Irish Water putting water meters in Edenmore last Friday the 25th.

 Well done to the Edenmore Residents, showing the way in fighting the Water Tax.

Election Launch in Kilmore 28th April 2014.

Ciaran Heaphey's Election Launch will take place tomorrow Monday the 28th in the Kilmore West Community Centre, Kilmore at 7.30pm. 

All our welcome to attend.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Proven Track Record Of Community Campaigning

A Proven Track Record Of Community Campaigning

Over the last five years Ciaran Heaphey and other éirígí activists have been involved in a wide range of community-based campaigns in Coolock, Donaghmede, Darndale, Edenmore and the rest of Dublin North-East. From fighting the unjust home and water taxes, to opposing the proposed Clonshaugh sewage plant and working with communities to tackle the plague of home burglaries éirígí activists have consistently backed the rights of our community. Now we are asking you to back us by voting for Ciaran Heaphey in May’s local election.

Here are just some of the issues that Ciaran Heaphey and éírígí have been actively working on. If you like what we’ve been doing make sure to vote for more of the same.

Fighting the Unjust Home and Water Tax: éirígí has already distributed tens of thousands of information leaflets opposing unjust home and water taxes to homes across the area. We have also organised community meetings and called protests outside of local Fine Gael and Labour party offices. The battle against both of these ‘Troika taxes’ continues with the new water tax set to be introduced in October 2014. Ciaran Heaphey knows that many families cannot afford to pay the estimated €350 a year for water, and he will be standing shoulder to shoulder with those families over the coming months and years.

Burglaries and Anti-Social Behaviour: Many parts of North East Dublin have seen a dramatic increase in home burglaries over the last couple of years. In response éirígí organised a series of very well attended public meetings. These meetings resulted in residents establishing their own neighbourhood watch projects in a number of areas. Ciaran Heaphey believes that many of the problems we face locally can be solved by citizens coming together. Together we are far stronger.

Opposing the Clonshaugh Sewage Plant: Fingal County Council’s decision to locate a massive sewage treatment plant in Clonsaugh has been met with widespread opposition. Ciaran Heaphey believes that the views of the local community need to be respected. He is already working with residents to help build a campaign of resistance to the Clonsaugh plant.

Fighting Against Evictions: éirígí believes that no family should face eviction as a result of inability to pay their mortgage or rent. There is always a better solution than removing people from their home. Over the last number of years éirígí have actively supported families who are facing
eviction. On a number of occasions our activists have helped physically prevent evictions from going ahead. Ciaran Heaphey is always available to anybody facing the threat of eviction.

The Stardust Memorial Park, Parking Congestion and the Dumping of Rubbish: Other campaigns that Ciaran Heaphey has organised or supported include the clean-up of The Stardust Memorial Park in Coolock, proper regulation of car parking in Beaumont and the removal of domestic rubbish dumped in Darndale.

Ciaran Heaphy has been a community and political activist for over twenty years. Throughout all of that time he has stood with working class communities as they battle against oppression, exploitation and injustice. As a socialist republican Ciaran believes that we need a new all-Ireland Republic that puts the needs of the people ahead of the greed of the corrupt bankers, developers and politicians. He also understands that change must happen at a local level before it can happen at a national level. On May 23rd vote for change, vote for a new voice in Dublin City Council. Vote Ciaran Heaphey.