Saturday, May 17, 2014

Heaphey concerned by proposed closure of childcare centre.

éirígí candidate for Beaumont/Donaghmede Ciaran Heaphey has said he is concerned by a recent revelation that a in house child minding facility in the Darndale/Belcamp centre may need to close due to a lack of funds.
The childcare centre combines as both a crèche and an after school care service for around 260 local children living in the immediate area.
Centre manager Kelda Barnes was quoted recently that even with fundraising days, increasing fees for the parents using the centre long with pay cuts to staff that they have now run out of all viable options.Kelda Barnes said they are now requesting immediate aid from the government to continue the day to day running of the centre.
The parents availing of this service have been given the warning that unless the government step in and resolve the issue by restoring funding to the much needed community service that it will be forced to close leaving children and parents stuck in a horrible situation.
The majority of parents availing of the centre have said that the closure would leave them stuck between giving up their jobs or education in order to look after their young.
The centre has come to this drastic decision because of the nonstop cuts being applied by the 26 county Government. Over the last five years it is estimated the centre has seen it funds slashed by 300,000 with it now requiring 200,000 immediately just to keep it going until the end of this year.  
éirígí Spokesperson Ciaran Heaphey commented on the announcement saying “The closure of this centre would a massive loss for the parents and children in this community which goes without saying. The amount of local people employed in the centre along with the massive numbers of parents availing of this to hear it is closing really is worrying for me.”
Heaphey continued “The fact the staff have gone to great lengths through staff wage reductions to a massive fundraising campaign in recent years just to keep it open is a credit to them now it is time for the Labour/Fine Gael coalition to step up to the mark. Here we have a vital resource for the community now resting on the good will of lackeys in Leinster House like newly appointed minister of children Charlie Flanagan of Fine Gael to provide 200,000 which is not an encouraging sign at all. I vow to support the workers’ and residents availing of the centre any way I can in the coming days and weeks.”

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