Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ciaran Heaphey éírígí Election Launch. 28/04/14, Kilmore.

Some photo's from last night's successful election launch for éirígí candidate Ciaran Heaphey held in the Kilmore West community centre. 

The launch which was attended by up to 35 supporters living in the Beaumont/Donaghmede area. The proceeding's began with éirígí chairperson Brian Leeson who explained how éirígí were formed in 2006 and the reasons behind the formation before introducing local election candidate Ciaran Heaphey to the crowd.

Heaphey explained the purpose behind contesting the local elections also outlining the reason's why no party can change the system and the need for community's around the state to get mobilized stating a recent example in Edenmore.

Local resident's of Edenmore Heaphey said were opposed to the water tax and rather then standing by went out and halted work to install the meters to household's in the area stating this is exactly what needs to happen in every community in the fightback against austerity. 

The hugely successful meeting was ended with a short Q and A between the speaker's and attendee's.

Commenting after the meeting Heaphey said "With so little time to go before polling day I think tonight's meeting was a very important chance to speak to supporters and put across our motives for running the local elections this year."

Heaphey continued "It was great to see so many new faces in the crowd who have clearly became disillusioned with the lackey parties of yesterday who's only concern is getting a seat in the upcoming election. A lot resident's have told me their anger with the mainstream political parties for the way they think they can parade in to area's around elections in a bid to win seats."

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