Thursday, July 18, 2013

Residents show anger at the huge fires in Kilmore.

Local residents have voiced their anger with the current situation off the Castletimon Road. Over the last few summers there has been an increase in massive re-occurring fires being lit in the field just off the Castletimon Road in Kilmore.
The height of the grass in this field is a huge problem this being the reason the fires gain such momentum. The residents who have complained regularly to the Dublin City Council seeking a solution and asking for it to be cut down to a normal level have been met with the same old excuses.
During the summer months there is always an increase of fires being lit in the field which combined with the high grass causes a huge volume of smoke closing in on the nearby homes filled with young children and elderly citizens.
This not only causes a danger for the locals facing the mentioned pitch but could be fatal if somebody passing across the pitch was to be caught up one in of the fires, the thick smoke and high grass combination could turn the situation tragic.
Commenting on the situation éirígí Dublin Northeast spokesperson Ciaran Heaphey said: “The situation has a simple solution; Dublin City Council needs to step up to the mark and finally rid the area off the Castletimon Road of the huge grass and weeds. This will mark a step in the right direction to fighting the huge blazes. I have contacted the council on behalf of the residents and I am still awaiting a reply.”

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