Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fingal County Council Attempts to Dump Sewage Plant in Clonshaugh

The decision by Fingal County Council to locate a massive sewage plant in Clonshaugh has been met with huge anger and frustration by thousands of affected residents in communities in Northeast Dublin. Over 10,000 objections have been made to the construction of this massive plant in Clonshaugh, yet this massive number of objections has been ignored, with virtual no consultation with local communities.
This proposed plant, the same size as Croke Park, will be located within a radius of 1km of over 2,500 homes. It will be second in size, only to the massive plant in Ringsend. The proposed build will have serious consequences for the local environment.
Speaking about the proposed plant, éirígí Dublin Northeast spokesperson Ciaran Heaphey said: ‘’The decision by Fingal County Council to locate this massive plant as close as possible on its boundary with thousands Dublin City Council residents smacks of political cronyism of the highest order. Thousands of residents in Dublin’s Northeast outside of Fingal County Council’s area will be affected by this plant. I’m sure this was the major influencing factor in their decision to locate this plant in Clonshaugh.
“The potential danger this enormous plant has for the local population and environment, are immense. From both an economical and environmental viewpoint, it would make logical sense to have much smaller localised plants built over phased period of time, as capacity requirements increase. This would be the similar approach of many countries in Europe. Yet, here in Dublin Northeast we have the continued failed planning polices based on political cronyism.’’

Heaphey concluded: ''We in éirígí will take a very active role in our communities in fiercely opposing the building of this sewage plant. éirígí intend to work with residents in Dublin Northeast in organizing a campaign of resistance to this plant. With some community spirit and enough people educating, organising and agitating we can defeat the proposed construction of this monster sewage plant.”

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