Sunday, November 10, 2013

Coolock Community Organises

Several weeks ago éirígí Dublin Northeast organised a public meeting in Kilmore/Coolock in response to the upcoming water tax. The meeting was addressed by éirígí Dublin Northeast Representative Ciaran Heaphey and local community residents. This meeting went on to become a foundation for protest, further community meetings and more importantly, action.
The meeting, held in late September was a huge success, with up to 80 in attendance, with discussion on matters relevant to their community. Due to an epidemic of burglaries in the Coolock area, the burglary issue became a major section of the meeting’s agenda. The total lack of response from local Garda to the community was a major point of discussion and anger. The meeting ended, with much agreed upon and follow up  actions.

 Since this meeting in Kilmore, a further two community meetings have been organised by éirígí Dublin Northeast, to give local residents an update on the burglary  and other local issues. These meetings were again addressed by Ciaran Heaphey. Due to a lack of any meaningful response from the Garda, the local residents decided to organise a protest outside of Santry Garda Station in order to get their voices heard.
On Saturday 12th October up to 50 Kilmore residents travelled over to Santry to picket their local Garda station. Residents were granted a meeting with Garda. However since this meeting there has been little Garda action or response. Undeterred by this, local residents have distributed thousands of newsletters regarding the neighbourhood watch begun by some residents.

Speaking about these community forum meetings, Ciaran Heaphey said: “These meetings have facilitated community discussion and community action. There is a strong sense of community in Kilmore and the wider Coolock communities and we in éirígí Dublin Northeast are delighted to play our role and work with the local community. éirígí has argued from its foundation that effective change will only come through mass political action organised at a community and work-place level. These community meetings will continue on a regular basis. We look forward to discussion and organising with local residents at these meetings. "

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