Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coolock must fight back !

Since the collapse of the so called Celtic Tiger and introduction of savage budget cutbacks across this state, the Coolock area is a classic example of a working class community under attack by the Twenty Six county government.

The unemployment rate in Coolock and Darndale is well above the national average of 14.6 and shows no signs of decreasing.

In recent years ‘slash and burn’ cutbacks have had a heavy impact on Coolock. The closure of of the Olhausen factory in Coolock was a major blow to the area, which meant the loss of with 45 jobs. The factory had provided employment to the local community for decades. This is just one of the many examples of job loss in the local area.

Coolock has also been hit hard by cuts in education which have effected local primary and secondary schools. The local healthcare system has also come under attack, with the vital Darndale Health Centre having its resources for the local mental health service snipped, something which could be a matter of life for death for residents.

Over the past few months there has been a unfortunate rise in “Illegal dumping” by the public in certain areas of Coolock and Darndale. These regrettable actions come as a direct consequence of extortionate price hikes by greyhound following the disastrous privatisation of Dublin City’s waste management service. Since privatisation Greyhound has treated the people of Dublin with contempt. Their outrageous actions since then includes failing to collect litter from designated collection points and most recently, the introduction of new green bags in packs of six  at a cost of 9 euro. The story behind the privatisation of Dublin’s waste management system is a clear example of why our communities should fight to defend our public services!

Over the last year éirígí has been heavily involved in the community, through our involvement with the local Coolock/Santry C.A.H.W.T (Campaign Against the Household and Water Taxes)  and the  holding of our weekly information stall at the Northside Shopping Centre every Saturday. éirígí has also held many successful and informative public meetings about issue’s that effect the local community aimed at organising and mobilising the working class!

We would urge everybody in the Coolock and surrounding area that is angered by budget cutbacks and austerity to join the fight back and join éirígí.

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