Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fine Gael not welcome in Coolock.

Members of Fine Gael were this week canvassing the households of Kilmore/Coolock endorsing the career politician Richard Bruton.

éirígí Dublin Northeast representative Ciaran Heaphey told his canvassers exactly what he thought of their policies, which have given nothing to local communities but mass unemployment and economic misery.

Heaphey said: "The Blueshirts have no right canvassing any working-class area given their Thatcherite right-wing policies. What makes it worse is they are supported by the Labour Party. Heaphey continued "This shower should not be able to canvass our areas without harassment from local people.” 

éirígí encourages all members of the community who oppose austerity to voice their anger towards Fine Gael in the same manner if they come knocking. 

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