Saturday, May 11, 2013

Election Promises Abandoned in Coolock.

Since the General Election in 2011 and the subsequent victory for the Fine Gael/ Labour coalition, little or nothing has changed from the failed policies of Fianna Fáil. Unemployment is rampant and austerity continues to cripple communities across this state.

In Dublin North-East, the 2011 election saw Fine Gael’s Terence Flanagan and Labour’s Tommy Broughan and Sean Kenny elected to represent the people of this area. Since being elected almost every promise made by these career politicians, has been broken.

Before the election Fine Gael TD Terence Flanagan promised, ‘Economic recovery and job creation, political reform, a focus on education, a fairer health care system and tackling crime on the streets’.

It’s now clear to all that Flanagan’s first promise of economic recovery and job creation has been well and truly broken by the Fine Gael/ Labour coalition. In Coolock and Darndale alone unemployment levels are above the national average of 14.2%. This area has become a graveyard of empty factory’s that once provided employment to the people of the area. It’s clear Flanagan and other government politicians have no desire to fight for economic recovery or job creation.

The above is just one example from a list of elected career politicians who promised the people of Coolock everything under the sun. Since taking their seats these same politicians have delivered very little for our community yet collect an annual wage of over €92,000 plus expenses.

The lack of concern local government TD’s have for the welfare of our communities is highlighted by their failure to engage with the local residents. Last year the Coolock branch of the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes invited all three government TD’s to a public meeting in the area to answer residents questions about these unfair taxes. Showing their true colours and contempt for the local community the government politicians refused to respond.

Speaking from Coolock, éirígí spokesperson Ciaran Heaphey said ‘Coolock is one of many communities across this state sold lies by sparkling eyed politicians seeking big salaries from Leinster house.
‘It’s now 2013 and the election promises made by the likes of Fine Gael’s Terrence Flanagan and the labour TD’S have not been delivered. The Fine Gael/ Labour coalition claimed they were a change from the failed policies of Fianna Fáil but two years on from that election they have shown this community their true faces.

Heaphey continued, ‘éirígí believes that real change can only be achieved when people get organised and take a stand for their families and their communities. I would urge anybody from the local area who believes in fighting for their community to join the resistance and get involved with éirígí in Coolock.’

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