Thursday, October 25, 2012

éirígí Announce Public Meeting on Republicanism in Coolock

Ciarán HeapheyOn Tuesday, October 30th, éirígí in Dublin North East will hold a public meeting under the title ‘Towards 2016 – The Workers’ Republic: éirígí’s Vision’. The event will take place at 7.30pm in the Kilmore West Community Centre in Coolock.
The meeting will discuss the legacy of the 1916 Rising and the relevance of socialist republicanism in Ireland today. Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson will outline the party’s view of how the struggle for a united and free Ireland can be advanced over the coming years. The event will be chaired by Ciarán Heaphey, chairperson of éirígí in Dublin North East.
Speaking in advance of the event, Ciarán Heaphey said, “2016 will mark the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising, an event of the utmost importance in Irish and republican history. The roots of many of the problems facing the Irish people today can be traced to the Rising, the Tan War, the partition of Ireland and the creation of the Six and Twenty-Six County states that followed these tumultuous events.
“We in éirígí believe that republicanism is as relevant today as it was in 1916. The men and women who took part in the 1916 Rising did so because they believed that the people of Ireland should be in control of their own country, economy and destinies – an idea which is very relevant in the context of Britain’s occupation of the Six Counties and IMF/EU control of the Twenty-Six Counties.”
Encouraging members of the local community to come along, Ciarán said, “éirígí is organising this public meeting to give the local community in Coolock the opportunity to come along and find out more about Irish republicanism and the socialist republican vision for Ireland. It will allow people the opportunity to listen to éirígí’s analysis and vision for the future. I would encourage anyone from the local community who would like to find out for about éirígí to come along and take the opportunity to ask questions and maybe to get involved in the struggle for a free Ireland.
“In the run up to 2016 republicans must attempt to re-popularise the ideals of the men and women of Easter week, and highlight the fact that the business of that week remains unfinished. This meeting will hopefully play a small part in that process.”

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