Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For Community and Country, Vote No

For Community and Country, Vote NoIn a final rallying call, éirígí spokesperson Daithí Mac an Mháistir has urged the electorate in the Twenty Six Counties to reject Austerity and Vote No on May 31st.
Speaking from Dublin, Mac an Mháistir said, “For your community and your country, vote No on May 31st.
“The Austerity Treaty is not about creating stability or prosperity. It has been designed to make austerity permanent. Communities right across this state have come under savage attack as a result of the austerity policies of successive Dublin governments. Funding to public services such as healthcare, education and social welfare have been decimated by cutbacks inflicted under recent austerity budgets.
“Workers, their families and their communities have borne the brunt of the hardship imposed by austerity. By voting No next Thursday we can take a stand and say enough is enough!
“In recent months, people in every town and village across this state have begun to organise and build the fight back against austerity. Movements such as the Campaign Against the Household and Water Taxes have shown what is possible when the people of this country get organised.”
Mac an Mháistir continued, “At a time when Six Irish counties are under British occupation and Twenty Six Counties are under the control of the Troika, the adoption of this treaty would further undermine Irish sovereignty and democracy.
“The terms of the Austerity Treaty would mean that the people of Ireland would lose yet more control over their own economic, political and social destiny. If this treaty is passed even power will be concentrated into the hands of Europe's ruling elite.
“A No Vote is a vote in defence of Irish freedom and sovereignty. A No vote is a vote in defence of our democratic rights at a community and national level. A No Vote is a vote in defence of our public services and workers rights. And finally a No vote on May 31 will strengthen the European wide anti-austerity movement, something which will ultimately benefit the people of not only Ireland but the entire continent.

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